Ask Dale Questions
awe Dale :'( i read that we can't blame walkers on anyone, but i will never be able to forgive Carl :( you were my very favorite, i cried soooo hard when you died :'( you look like my father <3 R.I.P. you'll always be my favorite!
Plot twist: Glenn bites the zombie and it becomes Asian.
hey guys, been a while.

sorry, as it turns out, being dead has a lot to offer in the way of distractions. but anyway, i’ll do my best to keep you updated on my thoughts and everything else. but i’ll see you guys later, i’ve got to go find Lori…

My next door neighbor looks exactly like you. I'm a little weirded out. I'm going to his house for the zombie apocalypse.

… i think i met you today…

Holy fuck. I didn't knew you was going to die until i read this Tumblr. I was going to know in the next 30 minutes, when TWD airs in my country. Shit. ;_;

(ooc): i’m sorry about that, i probably should have waited for a while on that one…

Had an awesome time talking to everyone again!
ask us shit….live!


ask all’a us from camp whatever you want
get it answered live 

we’ll be there till 10pm est 

noooooooooo, y u die

We all miss him dearly…

Dale, I know you're old, but why did you have to die :'( Even though Rick and Shane tell Carl that it's not his fault, it is actually!! Why do they have to make him feel better for doing a stupid thing.

it wasn’t carl’s fault, he had no idea the events that would lead to that, we can’t blame walkers on anyone…

Probably the best character on the show. I know Dale was angry but why did he walk off on his own? That's zombie rule #1 there!

We’ve all done it at one point or another hell, carl does it all the time he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…